Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

What will my daughter get from Sigma Kappa that she would not get out of any other college organization?

Sigma Kappa offers leadership and networking which many other clubs can offer, but Sigma Kappa also offers the sisterhood and closer bonding that most other organizations do not. Along with the tighter bond, which we cultivate through many ways, we are sure to interact with other greek life organizations, participate in philanthropy, and network with our alumni.

How will joining Sigma Kappa benefit her after college?

Sigma Kappa is not an organization that just exists in college, but expands into the alumni stage of life. Our chapter is very involved with our alumni chapter which allows our sister who have graduated to still participate with the collegiate chapter. Along with staying involved, the alumni chapters are all over the country, so wherever a sister might be after she graduates, she will have sisters from other chapters around her. These sisters are all there to support each other with professional and personal issues that may come up.

Will my daughter's academics be comprised if she joins Sigma Kappa?

Sigma Kappa expects high academic standards from its members. In order to join a chapter, the minimum GPA requirement is 2.5. Once a part of our chapter, we have mandatory study hours for sisters who have less than a 3.5 GPA. These study hours mean that each sister must be at the library for a certain amount of time each week to encourage academic success. We also reward our sisters with acknowledgement and little gifts during chapter for any large assignments that they received an A on.  

What kind of community service and philanthropies does Sigma Kappa participate in?


How much does it cost to be a member in Sigma Kappa?
How time-consuming is joining Sigma Kappa?