Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers


Kait Scalfani

Kait is Sigma Kappa’s current Chapter President. She is in charge of overseeing all of the Executive Council and Chairmen, ensuring that each position meets their yearly goals! Year: Senior Home state: New Jersey Favorite activity: Going to spin classes "I am so grateful for Sigma Kappa because it has given me so many opportunities to develop and use my leadership skills, while making lifelong memories with some of my favorite people."

Vice President of Standards and Values

Emi Logue

Emi is Sigma Kappa’s current Vice President of Standards and Values. She is in charge of ensuring that our sisters are living up to our values and finding ways to make sure we are all growing, both as individuals and as a chapter. She also helps our chapter stay safe and aware of risk management policies. Year: Senior Major: Psychology Favorite CHS Restaurant: Poke San "Sigma Kappa has shown me the importance of confidence and commitment in not only a leadership position but as a friend and sister."

Vice President of Membership

Samantha Weitzman

Sam is Sigma Kappa's current Vice President of Membership. As the VPM, Sam's focus is on Fall Primary Recruitment. Her responsibilities are to educate and guide the chapter in recruitment techniques, planned membership growth, and the rules of Recruitment. Year: Senior Favorite CHS Restaurant: Monza

Vice President of New Member Education

Jenn Greenspan

Jenn is Sigma Kappa's current Vice President of New Member Education. As the VPNME, her job is to help our new members adjust to being apart of sorority and college life. Jenn's friendly personality makes her the perfect fit for connecting with new members. She teaches them all about Sigma Kappa's history, traditions, founders, and values, preparing them to be model Sigma Kappa sisters for the next four years! Year: Junior Home state: Texas "Sigma Kappa introduced me to the greatest group of girls I could've asked for and given me lifelong friends."

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Freya Woodrow

Freya is our VP of Philanthropic Services which means she is in charge of making sure our members are able to thoroughly support our philanthropies. She has organized beach cleanups, bake sale events, and is currently preparing for this year's Walk to End Alzheimer's disease! Year: Senior Favorite CHS restaurant: Five Loaves "Sigma Kappa inspires me to be the very best version of myself as possible. I want nothing more than to watch this organization succeed in every aspect!"

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Raechel Irby

Raechel is Sigma Kappa’s current Vice President of Alumnae Relations. As VPAR, Raechel is in charge of keeping the bond between our undergraduate sisters and graduated sisters who have transitioned into Alumnae. She also helps our graduating seniors into Alumnae status! Year: Junior Major: International Business and Spanish Hometown: Atlanta, GA Favorite TV Show: The Bachelor “I love being in Sigma Kappa because I grew a bond with so many people I would have never met without this amazing sorority and I have been a able to grow my skills as a leader by becoming the Vice President of Alumnae Relations”

Vice President of Programming

Elizabeth Lista

Elizabeth is our VP of Programming and she is in charge of updating the calendar, corresponding with guests for our informal chapter meetings, and presenting other exec members during chapter meetings. Year: Senior Major: Biology Hometown: Charleston, SC Favorite CHS Restaurant: The Darling Oyster

Vice President of Communications and Operations

Ashley Dentinger

Ashley is Sigma Kappa’s current Vice President of Communications and Operations. As VPCO, Ashley is responsible for taking attendance, taking chapter meeting minutes, updating chapter member statuses, participating in Ritual ceremonies, and overseeing the Public Relations Chairman, Webmaster, and Sigma Kappa Triangle Correspondent. Year: Junior Major: Communications Home state: Florida "Being a part of Sigma Kappa has allowed me to make amazing friends, participate in amazing events and grow on a personal level!"

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Ava Lubin

Ava is Sigma Kappa's current Vice President of Academic Excellence. As the VPAR, Ava holds all the members within the sorority accountable for grades to ensure academic successes for the chapter. She also manages students with lower GPA’s, creating individual study programs for them to help improve their grades and rewards fellow sisters biweekly for receiving A’s in their classes. Year: Junior Home state: Mississippi Favorite CHS Restaurant: Chubby Fish

Vice President of Finance

Isabel Burk

Isabel is currently Sigma Kappa’s Vice President of Finance. As VPF, Isabel helps to ensure the future financial stability of the chapter by budgeting and communicating with each officer to ensure she has a budget that allows her to be successful in her position. Year: Sophomore Major: Finance Hometown: Dream job: Financial Analyst Favorite CHS restaurant: Macintosh "Sigma Kappa has surrounded me with the most amazing and welcoming friends and has given me the best memories of my college experience so far!"

Panhellenic Delegate

Heather Moore

Heather is Sigma Kappa’s current Panhellenic Delegate. As Panhellenic Delegate, Heather keeps our sorority connected with the Panhellenic community on campus by keeping our chapter informed about other Panhellenic events. She attends Panhellenic meetings every week to stay informed about changes happening within the Greek community on campus which she reports back to our chapter about. Year: Sophmore Major: Psychology Hometown: Favorite TV show: One Tree Hill Favorite CHS restaurant: Basic Kitchen "Sigma Kappa has given me friends for life and keeps my college journey fun and exciting!"

Co-Social Chairman

Grace Obstbaum

Public Relations Chairman

Maille Dolan

Maille is Sigma Kappa’s current Public Relations Chairman. She is in charge of managing Lambda Epsilon’s brand and image on and off campus through running the chapter’s social media accounts both with photos and information about events ! Year: Senior Dream job: Graphic Designer Favorite CHS restaurant: Monza "Sigma Kappa has introduced me to some of my best friends. It made me feel like a part of a group and made me feel like myself."

Ritual Chairman

Savannah Young

Triangle Correspondant

Natalie Rooks


Elizabeth Crofoot

Our chapter's historian is mostly in charge of organizing and arranging the composite photos. She directly communicates with the photographers and makes sure everyone gets to take their photo! Year: Sophomore Favorite CHS Restaurant: One Broad

Activities Chairman

Abigail Bennett

Abigail is Sigma Kappa’s current Activities Chairman. Through her position, she helps to make sure that the women in our chapter remain active in our college community! She gets to help everyone find something to get involved in. Year: Sophomore "Sigma Kappa has given me the opportunity to make lifelong friendships with a diverse group of girls and it has pushed me out of my comfort zone to become a leader even in my first year."

Continuous Open Bidding Chairman

Julia Smoot

As COB Chairman, Julia is responsible for meeting with women who are interested in Sigma Kappa. Julia has the honor of setting up coffee dates and hang out sessions with each of the girls to allow the girl and SK member to get to know each other better! Year: Sophomore Major: Sociology, Pre-Law Hometown: San Francisco, CA Dream Job: Criminal Profiler Favorite Show: Criminal Minds Favorite CHS restaurant: Poogan's Porch "Sigma Kappa has brought me the best friends anyone could ask for and has made me a better person overall. Sigma Kappa pushes me to be the best version of myself and encourages me to reach my goals."

Diversity and Inclusion Chairman

Michelle Mahfoud


Lark Chadd

As Sigma Kappa's Webmaster, Lark manages the website. She keeps it updated and informative by writing about all the events that happen and uploads pictures from each one, too. By keeping the website up to date, it allows all people, in and out of the sorority, a glimpse into the life of a Sig Kap. Year: Freshman Major: Psychology Hometown: Charlotte, NC Favorite show: New Girl Favorite CHS restaurant: Fire "Sigma Kappa pushes me to take leadership in the comfort and presence of my closest friends. Even in my first year I'm able to see how much this organization is going to help me grow as a person!"

Sisterhood Chariman

Emma Simmons

Emma coordinates programs that promote a sense of closeness throughout the chapter. Sisterhood is an essential quality to any sorority; it allows each sister to establish essential relationships with girls that they might have never mingled with had it not been for programming or a sorority event. Year: Sophomore Major: Theater Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ Dream job: Theater teacher Favorite CHS restaurant: Oku "Sigma Kappa has given me people that I can always rely on."

Social Chairman

Nola Pirhofer

As Social Chairman, Nola is responsible for organizing events such as date parties, mixers, and Formal. She works hard to obtain the best locations, catering, and atmosphere to create amazing memories! Year: Junior Hometown: Chicago, IL Favorite TV show: Friends Favorite CHS restaurant: Blind Tiger

SOE Chairman

Rachel Greenleaf

Year: Freshman Major: Biology, Pre-Pharmacy Hometown: North Myrtle Beach, SC Dream job: Pharmacist Favorite CHS restaurant: Kickin' Chicken

Assistant VPNME

Adair Kaplow

Year: Junior Favorite CHS restaurant: Monza "Sigma Kappa has brought me my best friends and the best family I could have asked for."

Assistant VPM

Sydney Cook

As Assistant VPM, Sydney aids the Vice President of Membership with any sort of backup and assistance she may need. Year: Junior

House Manager

Madison White

As House Manager, Madison hosts fun events for the girls living in the house and is responsible for communication with campus housing. Living in the house is a great experience and the house manager is part of that is because of Madison's efforts! Year: Junior

Assistant VPF

Victoria Lumley

Assistant VPF is in charge of assisting the Vice President of Finance with whatever she may need help with. Year: Sophomore