Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers


Carly Burner

Carly is Sigma Kappa’s current Chapter President. She is in charge of overseeing all of the Executive Council and Chairmen, ensuring that each position meets her yearly goals! Year: Senior Major: Secondary Education and Biology Hometown: St. Louis, MO Dream job: open a dive shop on a tropical island and become a part of coral restoration projects and marine animal rescues Favorite fun activity: scuba diving “Sigma Kappa gave me the opportunity to discover who I am as a person. Sigma Kappa has allowed me to explore my strengths and find my weaknesses, allowing me the opportunity to become a better leader and friend. The personal growth I have experienced is something I will always be grateful for.”

Vice President of Standards and Values

Mary Cathryn Pope

Mary Cathryn (more popularly known as MC) is Sigma Kappa’s current Vice President of Standards and Values. She is in charge of ensuring that our sisters are living up to our values and finding ways to make sure we are all growing, both as individuals and as a chapter. She also helps our chapter stay safe and aware of risk management policies. Year: Senior Major: Business Administration & Hospitality and Tourism Management, Spanish Minor Hometown: Columbia, SC Nickname: MC Hobbies: spending time with my friends and family, going to the beach, reading, Netflix nights “Sigma Kappa has really pushed me academically, socially, and personally. I am so grateful to have an organization that values and encourages every thing about myself while also providing so many fun activities. I have SigKap to thank for pushing me beyond my full potential and helping me grow! My favorite thing is all the great opportunities that are available to us and just getting to meet such a diverse group of sweet people.”

Vice President of Membership

Sara Price

Sara is Sigma Kappa's current Vice President of Membership. As the VPM, Sara’s focus is on Fall Primary Recruitment. Her responsibilities are to educate and guide the chapter in recruitment techniques, planned membership growth, and the rules of Recruitment. Year: Senior Major: Business Administration Hometown: Alexandria, VA Hobbies: watching HGTV and eating mac & cheese at the same time Fun Fact: Sara studied abroad in Florence, Italy! “The reason why I love Sigma Kappa is because it made me feel apart of something special. Right as I joined Sigma Kappa, I was very shy. However, as I met more and more girls who made me feel comfortable and at home, I began to love it more and more everyday. As Sigma Kappa pushed me out of my comfort zones and made me take risks, it made me feel like I brought something special to the table as I have grown into the person I want to be.”

Vice President of New Member Education

Jill Johnson

Jill is Sigma Kappa's current Vice President of New Member Education. As the VPNME, her job is to help our new members adjust to being apart of sorority and college life. She teaches them all about Sigma Kappa's history, traditions, founders, and values, preparing them to be model Sigma Kappa sisters for the next four years! Year: Senior Major: Public Health Hometown: Harrington Park, NJ Dream job: Epidemiologist Favorite place to eat in Charleston: Jeni’s Ice Cream “My favorite moments of being a Sigma Kappa have been during Recruitment, seeing how close we all get during that week and then getting to watch the new members run home to us on Bid Day! Being able to serve as this year’s VPNME has me extra excited for that this year!”

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Hannah Angus

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Raven Evans

Raven is Sigma Kappa’s current Vice President of Alumnae Relations. As VPAR, Raven is in charge of keeping the bond between our undergraduate sisters and graduated sisters who have transitioned into Alumnae. She also helps our graduating seniors into Alumnae status! Year: Senior Major: Early Childhood Education & Sociology Hometown: Gastonia, NC Favorite TV Show: The Office Fun Fact: Raven is a self-proclaimed crazy cat mom! “I love being in Sigma Kappa because I grew a bond with so many people I would have never met without this amazing sorority and I have been a able to grow my skills as a leader by becoming the Vice President of Alumnae Relations”

Vice President of Programming

Allison Pegram

Allison is Sigma Kappa’s current Vice President of Programming. She is in charge of running informal chapter meetings, creating meaningful workshops that promote personal growth for the women in the chapter. The position is also in charge of maintaining the calendar with all the events Sigma Kappa participated in throughout the year. Year: Senior Major: Exercise Science Hometown: Norfolk, VA Hobbies: Cooking, working out, yoga, volunteering Fun Fact: Allison runs a food instagram! (@peegs_eats) “I love that you are expected to live to a higher standard when you a member of sigma kappa, the founders of this sorority created a tradition in 1874 to push boundaries and become the best version of yourself and thousands of young women have followed ever since.”

Vice President of Communications and Operations

Gianna Bucci

Gianna is Sigma Kappa’s current Vice President of Communications and Operations. As VPCO, Gianna is responsible for taking attendance, taking chapter meeting minutes, updating chapter member statuses, participating in Ritual ceremonies, and overseeing the Public Relations Chairman, Webmaster, and Sigma Kappa Triangle Correspondent. Year: Junior Major: Sociology Hometown: Dunkirk, MD Dream job: FBI agent or lawyer Fun Fact: Gianna danced competitively for sixteen years! “I love being in Sigma Kappa because it has brought me the opportunity to grow so much as a person through my position, as well as my best friend and roomie!”

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Molly Wilson

Molly is Sigma Kappa's current Vice President of Academic Excellence. As the VPAR, Molly holds all the members within the sorority accountable for grades to ensure academic successes for the chapter. She also manages students with lower GPA’s, creating individual study programs for them to help improve their grades and rewards fellow sisters biweekly for receiving A’s in their classes. Year: Junior Major: Business and Hospitality & Tourism Management Hometown: Newtown, CT Favorite place to eat in Charleston: High Cotton Fun Fact: Molly used to ride horses and travel up and down the east coast for horseshoes! “My favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is that our philanthropy is so close to my family, it means so much to me that everyday we fight to find the cure to Alzheimer's and it’s just a bonus that I get to be sisters with amazing young women.”

Vice President of Finance / House Manager

Caroline Lista

Caroline is currently both Sigma Kappa’s Vice President of Finance and House Manager. As VPF, Caroline helps to ensure the future financial stability of the chapter by budgeting and communicating with each officer to ensure she has a budget that allows her to be successful in her position. As House Manager, Caroline hosts fun events for the girls living in the house and is responsible for communication with campus housing. Year: Senior Major: Accounting & Finance Hometown: Charleston, SC Favorite fun activity: waterskiing and wakeboarding Favorite place to eat in Charleston: Fuji “I love being a member of Sigma Kappa because I have met my best friends, future bridesmaids and biggest supporters. My sisters always have my back, whether it’s helping me with a paper the night before its due or binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy with me after a long day. One of my favorite memories in Sigma Kappa will always be living in the house with my sisters!”

Panhellenic Delegate

Ansley Sweetin

Ansley is Sigma Kappa’s current Panhellenic Delegate. As Panhellenic Delegate, Ansley keeps our sorority connected with the Panhellenic community on campus by keeping our chapter informed about other Panhellenic events. She also attends Panhellenic meetings every week to stay informed about changes happening within the Greek community on campus which she reports back to our chapter about. Year: Sophomore Major: Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship Hometown: Atlanta, GA Favorite TV show: Friends Favorite place to go in Charleston: Folly Beach “I love Sigma Kappa because I have met my best college friends through the sorority and am always surrounded by amazing fun sisters.”

Co-Social Chairman

Hanna Bertrand

Public Relations Chairman / Webmaster

MaryKate Kelly

MaryKate is Sigma Kappa’s current Public Relations Chairman and Webmaster. She is in charge of managing Lambda Epsilon’s brand and image on and off campus through running the chapter’s social media accounts and keeping the website updated, both with photos and information about events and achievements within the chapter. Year: Senior Major: Communications & Theatre Performance Hometown: Ramsey, New Jersey Nickname: emdoublekay or MK Fun Fact: MaryKate lived in Paris last summer! “I am fortunate enough to be one of the colony members of Sigma Kappa at CofC, so I have gotten to see Lambda Epsilon grow from the very beginning. Being able to say that I helped solidify this chapter’s presence from its very first day on campus has been the biggest honor and privilege and even after I leave, I will continue to come home to Sigma Kappa at CofC and always stay updated on the growth and legacy of women who will continue to join our chapter.”

Continuing Membership Chairman

Molly Hampton

Molly is Sigma Kappa’s current Continuing Membership Chairman. As CMC, her job is to constantly be looking for new girls who would fit in well with our sisterhood! She plans informal events, coffee dates, and big group hang-outs, all in the name of helping girls see if they can see themselves in Sigma Kappa. Year: Senior Major: Political Science with a Concentration in Politics Philosophy and Law and a Minor in Women and Gender Studies Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY Hobbies: reading memoirs, listening to true crime podcasts, learning about new feminist and political theories, finding new music and listening to a lot of old music Fun Fact: Molly collects coffee mugs! “One of our favorite sayings at Lambda Epsilon is that recruitment isn't just a week, it’s all year round; and living by that saying is essentially my job description! Easily, my favorite part of my position is seeing girls I recruited find friendship, personal growth, and amazing experiences throughout there time as a Sigma Kappa.”

Ritual Chairman

Ally Lynn Sharrock

Ally Lynn (more popularly known as Ally) is Sigma Kappa’s current Ritual Chairman. She is in charge of helping to get everything ready for every ritual event and making sure these events take place the same exact way our founding sisters did them many years ago. Year: Senior Major: Marketing Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio Nickname: Ally Fun Fact: Ally works at Sassy Shortcake Boutique downtown with a bunch of other Sigma Kappas! “I have made wonderful friends that opened my eyes up so many new opportunities through Sigma Kappa. I always find it so empowering and humbling to meet sisters of other chapters and be connected through the same ritual. These experiences have developed my love for our ritual and inspired me to become the Ritual Chairman.”

Triangle Correspondant

Olivia Ashley

Olivia is Sigma Kappa’s current Triangle Correspondent. In her position, Olivia gets to submit photos and articles about our wonderful chapter to the national magazine, the Sigma Kappa Triangle! Year: Sophomore Major: Astrophysics Hometown: Dallas, TX Dream job: SNL writer or astronaut Fun Fact: Olivia has never lost a hoola-hooping contest! “I love being in Sigma Kappa because it’s a house that encourages individuality! SK events are a place where I can just be my weird self with my friends without any judgement! I also love running into other Sigma Kappas on campus. It makes school days so much better to be able to stop and talk to my sisters on my way to class.”


Julia Reilly

Activities Chairman

Savannah Young

Savannah is Sigma Kappa’s current Activities Chairman. Through her position, she helps to make sure that the women in our chapter remain active in our college community! She gets to help everyone find something to get involved in. Year: Sophomore Major: Biology and German Hometown: Columbia, SC Favorite fun activity: salsa dancing Fun Fact: Savannah grew up in Germany! “I love being in Sigma Kappa because of all the amazing memories I have made since I joined last fall. From late night trips with my big to get pizza, to sending the day in the library with other sisters, I am always having the best time doing the most random things!”

Diversity and Inclusion Chairman

Savannah Straff